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Jessica Rentz

Jessica is a licensed marriage and family therapist at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana.

What inspired you to pursue a career in behavioral health?

As many of us who ended up in this field can probably relate; I too came from a system of divorce, messy custody battles, trauma, addiction, and untreated mental health issues. I’m definitely a lot stronger now and grateful for my journey. I’ve always wanted to be a sense of support and a safe space for those going through it or those who have made it out the other side and need to heal.

How has being in NUHW helped you in your profession?

Becoming an NUHW steward has allowed me the opportunity to be a voice for my colleagues who need that extra “muscle” to push back against management when they know what they are being asked to do is unethical or when resources are taken away from them that prohibit them from providing the best care for their patients. When we are able to stand up together for what’s right, it’s ultimately a win for all involved, especially our patients.

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