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NUHW continues growth at Keck-USC Health System

Workers at the USC Spine Center, an ambulatory clinic that treats a wide range of back and neck conditions, are the latest workers from the Keck-USC Medical Health System to vote to join NUHW.

The 18-worker unit consists of licensed vocational nurses, medical assistants, support coordinators, and administrative assistants who are following in the footsteps of hundreds of their USC counterparts who have joined NUHW in recent years.

“We’re happy to be part of a union that we’ve seen empower so many USC caregivers to fight for better wages, working conditions, and care for patients,” Administrative Assistant Carmen Virrey said. “We hope our victory is an inspiration to others that we can accomplish so much more together as NUHW members.”

NUHW’s membership at the Keck-USC healthcare system could soon soar to more than 2,000 workers. On the heels of successful organizing drives at the Spine Center, Alfred E. Mann School of Pharmacy, USC Downtown Clinic, and the Pasadena Lab, more than 400 workers at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital will vote in December on whether to join their colleagues as NUHW members.

As organizing drives continue, NUHW members are gearing up for contract negotiations to build upon the victories they achieved in their current contract that increased salaries up to 39 percent for hospital workers, up to 44 percent for ambulatory clinic workers and up to 68 percent for call center workers.

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