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Member Profile: Sal Goshorn

Sal Goshorn spent 30 years protecting people’s lives as a California State Parks ranger and lifeguard. Now, he’s doing the same, as an anesthesia tech at USC Norris Cancer Hospital, where he maintains critical machinery and fights alongside his coworkers for safe staffing as a member of the Contract Bargaining Committee.

Goshorn is relatively new to hospital work, but he has lots of experience sitting across the bargaining table from management.

As the former president of the State Parks Peace Officers Association of California from 2001-2009, Goshorn bargained several contracts with state officials. He’s excited to use his experience as a member of NUHW’s 200-member Bargaining Committee that has begun bargaining a contract that will cover 1,800 NUHW members throughout the Keck-USC system.

“I want to be as involved as I can not only to benefit my fellow anesthesia techs, but everyone in our union,” Goshorn said. “You can win more when you speak with a larger voice.”

NUHW members at Keck have won strong contracts by being willing to strike and force management to make concessions. Goshorn said he’s willing to strike if that’s what it ultimately takes to win the best possible contract, starting with better wages.

“I’m not asking for a huge raise but parity with what comparable hospitals are paying,” Goshorn said. “We’re just losing too many good people and a lot of times it is because they can get more money somewhere else.”

This will be by far the largest bargaining committee on which Goshorn has served and bargaining with a private company will be a new experience, just like becoming an anesthesia tech later in life.

“My personality is to stay active, stay busy, and keep learning,” Goshorn said.

“It’s rewarding,” he added of his new profession. “I’m still learning a lot about healthcare, patient safety, and how medical facilities function.”

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