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Grace Lee Boggs

Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015) was a Chinese-American author, philosopher, and civil rights activist who played a significant role in the Black Power movement and the broader struggle for social justice and human rights.

Boggs worked closely with her husband, James Boggs, a Black activist and writer, to promote revolutionary change in America. Together, they co-founded the Detroit Summer program, which brought together young people from diverse backgrounds to work on community-based projects in Detroit.

Boggs also worked with prominent figures such as Malcolm X and Angela Davis. She was a key figure in the formation of the Revolutionary Action Movement, which was a Black nationalist organization that sought to unite African Americans in a struggle against racism and exploitation.

Throughout her life, Boggs wrote extensively about social justice, education, and the need for grassroots organizing to bring about meaningful change. She published several books and received numerous awards and honors for her activism.

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