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Polynesian Panthers

The Polynesian Panther Party (PPP) (founded in 1971) was a social justice and civil rights movement established in New Zealand in response to systemic racism and discrimination against Pacific Islanders, who were often subjected to police brutality and other forms of discrimination.

Founded by Will ‘Ilolahia, a Tongan community leader, the group was heavily influenced by the Black Panther Party and adopted many of its principles and tactics, including community-based programs and direct action.

The PPP worked to challenge racism and discrimination against Pacific Islanders, as well as to promote social justice and self-determination for Pacific Island communities in New Zealand. They organized protests and rallies, established community programs such as free health clinics and education programs, and advocated for greater political representation for Pacific Islanders.

The PPP had a significant impact on New Zealand society. Many of their initiatives, such as the free health clinics, were later adopted by the New Zealand government and became permanent fixtures in Pacific Island communities.

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