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Simran Virdee

Simran Virdee is a marriage and family therapist at Kaiser in Livermore.

What inspired you to pursue a career in behavioral health?

I was inspired to pursue a career in behavioral health after going through my own struggles and receiving help from a provider who showed me empathy, kindness, and listened to me without hesitation. I also pursued a career in behavioral mental health after witnessing the effects of generational trauma. The impact mental health has on people of all ages should be taken seriously. I have continued to pursue this career because of the joy I get from helping people. The world can be a rough place, and often people don’t seek out support because they fear being judged, ridiculed, or minimized. I hope to be a reminder that there are people in the world who care and empathize with what someone is experiencing. I am passionate about the work I do and how I can continue to help those who need it.

How has being in NUHW helped you in your profession?

Being in NUHW has helped me learn how I can advocate for patients in different ways, including timely access to treatment, type of treatment, and treatment options. I have been able to increase my awareness of how to better support patients with getting their needs met and how I can help be a beacon of change for colleagues who struggle with burn out and prioritizing the care they give. Being in NUHW has also helped me learn how I can be a better clinician in how I advocate for patients, the care I provide, and resources I equip them with. In NUHW I have been able to meet colleagues I would not have been able to in other settings. I have been able to expand my support network and learned how to navigate a complex mental health system.

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