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Corrine Sako

Corrine Sako is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Sacramento.

What inspired you to pursue a career in behavioral health?

I have a vivid memory of standing on the campus of Sacramento City College as a 19-year-old and deciding that I wanted to be a mental health therapist. My drive to enter the behavioral health field was based on my innate desire to connect with others to help others navigate life’s challenges, the way that I was helped by a therapist when I experienced some challenging times in my childhood and adolescence. After becoming licensed as a marriage & family therapist and opening my private practice in 2006, I wanted to be the best equipped to help others and so I pursued a doctoral program in clinical psychology and became licensed as a clinical psychologist in 2019.

How has being in NUHW helped you in your profession?

My participation in NUHW/BHAM has helped me connect with others in my profession to not just help others navigate life’s challenges, but to also help change systems so that life isn’t so challenging. Connecting with colleagues who have shared values around reducing behavioral health disparities and increasing access to quality care. Participating in NUHW/BHAM has provided me with opportunities to be involved in my community through solidarity actions (picket line with Sutter Center for Psychiatry workers), advocacy via media (participating in news interviews regarding the Kaiser strike), and engaging in legislative advocacy at the State Capitol. NUHW/BHAM not only respects my voice as a behavioral health provider but also provides opportunities for my voice to be heard and to make a difference.


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